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Extranet has the ability to upload/transfer a media movement report from the Customers local drive. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Welcome to VRI's Media Tracking System
Proper contingency planning includes the storage of backup media at a remote location. In the event of a disaster, the media would be used to restore a company's I.T. infrastructure. Sending media to a remote location is only part of the remote storage requirements. Continued tracking of the media from the time it is initially sent to the offsite location until it's due to be returned is key to a successful recovery.

VRI's Web-based Media Tracking System has been designed to provide VRI clients with the ability to track media through the various stages of existence at Vital Records. At any point in time, a client has the ability to query the status of media assigned to Vital Records for secure storage.

Offsite Media
Provides a listing of all media assigned to a VRI secure vaulting facility. All media is listed whether it is physically at a VRI secure vaulting facility or whether it has been moved to another location by the client.

Recalled Media
Provides a listing of media that has been requested from a VRI secure vaulting facility prior to reaching the scheduled return date. This could include media recalled early for a restore or for tracking what media has been sent to a hotsite for a contingency test.

Expiring Media
Provides a listing of media that has reached its scheduled date for return to the client's onsite location. This can provide the client with the ability to better manage the amount of scratch media in distributed environments by knowing the amount of media being returned prior to its arrival at the client's location.

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